Klinik für Hautkrankheiten

Haarforschung und Regenerative Medizin (Laboratory for Hair Research and Regenerative Medicine)

Dr. Bertolini has recently taken over the Laboratory for Hair Research and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Münster from Prof. Ralf Paus (University of Manchester), with whom she is still very closely collaborating. The main research interests of Dr. Bertolini encompass the biology and pathology of the hair follicle as a dynamic mini-organ in which many fundamental biological processes can be studied exemplarily. The main research areas in this lab are the human hair follicle biology, immunology, neuroendocrinology, and related diseases.  It is a diverse and multicultural, highly dedicated lab group with scientific collaborations all over the world. 

The lab group is particularly interested in:

  • immunological processes involved in hair follicle homeostasis and cycling with a particular focus on macrophages, mast cells, T cells, and gamma delta T cells
  • understanding the controls and functions of hair follicle immune privilege
  • understanding the pathogenesis of skin- and hair follicle-related diseases, with special interest on alopecia areata, one of the most common autoimmune disease which leads to hair loss
  • neuroendocrine controls of skin homeostasis and hair follicle biology and cycling

Additional members of the working group:

M. Sc. Jennifer Gherardini (PhD student):

M. Sc. Sabrina Altendorf (BTA):
B.Sc. Diana A. Below (BTA):

Guests of the working group:

Ms. Janine Jakobs (MTA):
Dr.Jérémy Cherét (Post Doc):
Dr. Majid Ali Alam (Post Doc):



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